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Nordfab Quick Fit clamp

Q-F puts the squeeze on costly conventional duct Installation.

Q-F is a snap! No complicated cutting, no riveting, no braising or welding is required. One Q-F clamp connects sections together in seconds. Branches, diverters, elbows – all adapt easily to your existing duct and may be taken apart and re-used or cleaned without special tools.

Nordfab Quick Fit Installation demonstration

Q-F is easy to install, easy to align, and it’s strong!

Q-F clamps are so easy to install, they almost install themselves. Simply place the clamp over the Q-F rolled lip ends and snap! The extraordinary strength of Q-F’s specially machined double rolled lips provides a solid, straight run. The patented Q-F clamp connects the rolled ends. Snap the Q-F clamp and you have the strongest, safest, most re-usable dust-extraction piping available today. No special instructions or skills are needed to assemble a Q-F system. Install new lines, clean out lines or make changes to existing duct runs anytime you need to with Q-F.

Nordfab duct welding

Q-F adapts to your every need; connect to the old or bring in the new

• LASER WELDED pipe in diameters from 4” to 22”
• Branch fittings in all sizes and shapes
• Elbows 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°
• Larger custom sizes and special adapters
• Blast Gates, Diverter Valves, Hoods, Manifolds.

Nordfab Quick Fit

Q-F adjusts to fit – without complicated measurements.

Planning to add, remove, or replace dust-extraction piping? Q-F ’s adjustable fittings slide together to create the precise length. No need for time wasted on exact measuring and precision cuts. Simply slide on and fit to your desired length, a few inches or a few feet. Need a different length for a new run? Just re-use your Q-F components and re-fit, again reducing your cutting and fabricating time.

Nordfab Quick Fit clamp on duct

Q-F saves you time and money.

Just how much money can you save using Q-F? Call us! You will be pleased with the savings and all the built-in advantages you get with Q-F.

Quick-Fit Tuff Shield

The BEST just got BETTER!

In the constant pursuit to provide you with the best products to fill your needs, we are happy to announce the addition of a new product to the QF line: Quick-Fit with Tuff Shield, (or Quick-Fit TS).

This revolutionary new product comes with a flame-sprayed RC60 abrasion coating on the inside. Tuff Shield coating will drastically increase the life of your ducting in the toughest environments like cement, grain, sand, shot blasts, glass, hardwoods, etc. RC60 material is a multi-carbide structure second only in hardness to Tungsten Carbide while having vastly superior mechanical properties.

Quick-Fit TS is available on all QF parts. However, due to the durable nature of our standard QF products, this high-abra­sion coating is primarily designed for use on elbows, branches, reducers, and “extender” pieces that clamp on downstream of elbows to provide even more protection.

Aside from the RC 60 coating, Quick-Fit TS is identical to our standard product. It clamps
together easily and can be taken apart and cleaned, replaced, or reconfigured in seconds.