Bin-Flo Aerators

An aerator is a simple and efficient means of introducing low pressure air into any dry finely ground material. The air is equally distributed in controlled quantities to give the material an ability to flow by gravity from bins, hoppers or chutes. Aerators incorporate non-clogging diffusers, integral orifice and construction features which insure long, maintenance-free life.

Typical applications include: gypsum, Portland cement, bentonite, casein glue, fuller’s earth, soda ash, lime, flour, bran, clay, sawdust, carbon black, chemicals, barites, ore, feed, cereals, diatomaceous earth, pigments, soap powder detergents, fly ash and plastic moulding compounds.

Features and Benefits:

  • Can be installed from inside or outside of the bin
  • Only one drilled hole needed per pad – easy installation
  • Integral orifice – controls air consumption at any recommended pressure
  • Non-clogging diffuser – provides equal distribution of air; will not clog when air is on with even the finest materials.
Tank Nipple “L” Series, 1/8″ (3mm) brass, “LL” Series, 1/4″ (6mm) plated steel
Spacer Washers Nickel plated steel
Diffuser Frame Up to 180°F (82°C) cotton (canvas)
Up to 600°F (316°C) fiberglass
Diffuser Frame Galvanized steel 16 mesh or stainless steel mesh type 316
Body Zinc plated steel or stainless steel


“L” Series “LL” Series
A 3 3/4″ 6″
B 7 1/2″ 12″
C 7/16″ 11/16″
D 1/8″ x 2″ 1/4″ x 2″

How to Order:

Diffuser Diffuser Supported by Body Model Number
“L” Series “LL” Series
3 3/4″ x 7 1/2″ 6″ x 12″
Cotton (Canvas) Galvanized Steel 16 Mesh Zinc Plated Steel L
Stainless Steel Mesh Type 316 Stainless Steel L-SS
Fiberglass Galvanized Steel 16 Mesh Zinc Plated Steel L-FG
Stainless Steel Mesh Type 316 Stainless Steel L-SS-FG

Air Supply:

The best and usually the most economical air supply is from a positive displacement low pressure blower. For test applications or applications involving less than 30 CFM, compressors may be used with a pressure reducing regulator and filter or moisture trap on the low pressure side. This table shoes the volume of air one Bin-Flo® aerator (uncovered) will use at various operating pressures.

Important Notes:
A continuous air supply must be maintained at all times to ensure proper operation of the aerator. Lack of air supply will cause material to build up o aerator and result in damage.

Silo Fluidizer Disks


  • Aeration – loosens up the product allowing it to flow easier. Minimum back pressure puts air energy where it is needed the most – in the silo.
  • Directional Air Flow – The fluidizer disk forces air to move along the bin wall freeing up product and assuring good clean-out.
  • Gentle Vibration – keeps the product flowing without allowing it to compact or plug.
  • No Airline Plugging – the patented disk seals tightly against the silo wall and prevents airline plugging.
  • Forces air to move along the bin wall, freeing product, assuring good clean-out.
  • Robust Design – the disk will not tear, pick up moisture and is unaffected by temperatures up to 350°F (170°C).
  • Material Compatible—Silicone rubber standard in blue or white (both are food grade approved), or black or white EPDM.

Technical Data:

Series 4300: Capacity 10-20 CFM @ 20-30 PSI

Model Disk Stem A B C D E Airline Options
4300 Blue Mild Steel 1/4″ NPT 1/2″ NPT 7/8″ NPT 1 3/16″ NPT 3″ NPT 3/8″ – 1/2″
4301 White
4302 Blue Aluminum
4303 White
4304 Blue Stainless
4305 White

Series 4400: Capacity 25-40 CFM @ 10-20 PSI

Model Disk Stem A B C D E Airline Options
4400 Blue Mild Steel 1/2″ NPT or BSTPT 3/4″ NPT 1 1/16″ NPT
1 1/4″ NPT
3 1/16″ NPT
1/2″ – 3/4″
Tubing or Hose
4401 White
4402 Blue Aluminum
4403 White
4404 Blue Stainless
4405 White

Series 4500: Capacity 30-50 CFM @ 5-10 PSI

Model Disk Stem A B C D E Airline Options
4500 Blue Mild Steel 3/4″ NPT or BSTPT 1″ NPT 1 3/8″ NPT
1 1/4″ NPT
3 1/4″ NPT
3/4″ – 1″
4501 White
4502 Blue Aluminum
4503 White
4504 Blue Stainless
4505 White
  • Versatility – numerous combinations of stems, fittings and airlines to fit your application. Can be used with high pressure/low volume compressed air or with low pressure/ high volume blower air.
  • Engineering Assistance – fax or email a sketch or drawing of your bin, along with a description of your bulk material and we will provide a recommended number and placement of fluidizers for your application.
  • Easy Installation – fits both conical and square bins, EZ-In (Easy-In) kits also available for installation without getting inside the bin.