Standard Sheets

Sheets are available in standard 4’x8′, 4’x10′, 5’x8′ and 5’x10′ sizes and from 1/8″ to 1″ thick. And sheets are available in plain, fabric backed, expanded metal backed, solid metal backed and weldable configurations. Larger sizes and custom geometric shapes are available upon request.

The same great polyurethane sheets you use are available in rolls too!
Rolls are available in 4- and 5-foot widths, in lengths of 25′, 50′, 75′ and 100′, and from 3/16″ to 1″ thick. Rolls are available in plain or fabric backed.

  • Resistant to corrosive applications
  • Easy to handle

Standard Sheets

Kryptane Xtreme™ polyurethane sheets ease installation, reduce noise and can be used in locations that other liners just can’t handle. Wet or dry, sticky or sloppy, polyurethane will protect your equipment investments.

  • Custom part development available
  • Resistant to corrosive applications
  • Easy to handle and lightweight

For more on Kryptane Xtreme™ sheets, click here.

Blue Ox™ Sheets

Blue Ox™ sheets are formulated to extend the life and reduce the maintenance requirements of your process equipment. Use Blue Ox™ anywhere that wear is a concern in your facility. We think that once you try our sheets, you’ll agree that the Ox is better. Primarily used in the grain industry.

  • Available when you need it
  • Volume discounts that save you money
  • Light weight, flexible and easy to install

For more on Blue Ox™ sheets, click here.

Sheet Accessories

Counterbore Tool

A high-quality counterbore tool is essential for proper installation of urethane-coated bolts. The counterbore tool is specifically designed to work with the coated bolts.

Coated Bolts

Urethane-coated bolts are capped with the same polyurethane as the sheets. Installing your liner using these durable fasteners provides an uninterrupted, abrasion-resistant surface, with no gluing or patching required.

  • Improved holding power to resist axial-force
  • Dual-locking side bands and two one-piece longitudinal bars to withstand end pull
  • Higher operating pressure
  • Sizes range from 2″OD through 24″OD pipe or tubing