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Metal Hose

A general purpose (unlined) or smooth bore (lined) metal flexible hose for dry-bulk material handling for pneumatic and vacuum systems. Flexible metal hose available in stainless, galvanized, carbon steel and aluminum with end fittings assembled to customer specifications.

  • Welded, brazed or epoxied connections
  • Wide variety of end fittings such as couplers, flanges, nipples and stub ends
  • Sizes range from 1-1/2" through 16”ID
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PVC Hose

Various types of PVC material handling hoses to
meet a wide variety of bulk conveying system requirements. Suitable for both vacuum and pneumatic conveying applications.

  • Sizes range from 1" through 8" ID
  • Economical food-grade PVC hose
  • PVC hose with static-dissipating ground wire
  • Extended performance urethane material transfer hose
  • A blend of urethane, PVC and rubber for severe service applications

Bulk Commodity Hose

With its natural rubber components, steel wire helix reinforcement, and corrugated cover, 690SB is ideal for the bulk transfer of food products such as flour, sugar,
syrup, and edible grains where a strong, flexible, FDA sanitary tube is required. It can be used in suction, pneumatic, or gravity systems. NOTE: Not recommended for vinegar, mustard, or other compounds containing acetic acid.

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A tough corrugated cover makes the 688SB extremely flexible for the transfer of bulk materials via suction, gravity, or pneumatic systems. The natural rubber tube provides excellent resistance to abrasion for handling commodity materials such as dry cement, lime, sand, gravel, feed, seed, and slurries.



Hose Clamps

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Spiral Double-Bolt Clamps - Galvanized Steel


image 6 Worm Gear Clamps - Stainless Steel
image 7 Double Bolt Clamps - Zinc Plated Ductile Iron