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The Roto-Bin-Dicator® is the most universal of all level sensing technologies and is the most popular level switch used in dry bulk materials. The Roto-Bin-Dicator® is a rotating paddle type, bulk material level sensor offered in a wide variety of paddle options for unequaled application versatility. It is easy to install and requires no special tools or calibration.

Original Roto-Bin-Dicator® models for Low Level Fail Safe protection.

Super-Safe-Plus models for High Level Fail Safe requirements.

Mini-Roto for tight spaces.

RF Series

The Bindicator® RF (Radio Frequency) Series is a family of point level switches used to detect the presence or absence of material at a point inside a tank, bin or other vessel. The RF Series is used for high and low level detection in thousands of applications from bulk solids to slurries and liquids. Bindicator®’s unique calibration technology overcomes problems associated with other capacitance probes. The Pro-Guard® feature cancels out the effects of material coating on the probe, preventing false indications. All Bindicator® integral RF units have remote versions. Remote models separate the electronics from the RF probe, where conditions could be harmful.

The premier RF-9200 integral and RF-12000 remote unit, as well as 14 other models, are each available with many options and accessories. Remote models are available for high temperature or high vibration applications. When combined with our large selection of probes, we have an RF sensor for virtually every application.

Standard Probe - Solids, powders and liquids in tanks and bins.

Stub Probe - Small hoppers and vessels.

Flush/Dome Flush - Plugged chute detection; where bridged material may shear or bend other probes when material shifts; coal applications or where slightly conductive coatings may occur.

Cable Probe - Designed for high, mid, or level indication when top mounting is necessary.

Ceramic Probe - For extreme temperatures up to 1000° F (538° C); provides protection because electronics are mounted remotely from the probe.


Pulse Point™

The Pulse Point™ is an electronic vibratory level control especially effective in lightweight powders and granular solids. Because the Pulse Point™ senses material using a mechanical principle, the dielectric constant of the material is irrelevant. Remote models are available for high temperature or high vibration applications.

LP-30 includes dual conduit entry for ease of installation as well as the separation of input wiring and alarm wiring.

The LP-100 is a self contained level switch with external lights, magnetic test fob feature and a remote counterpart, LP-200.


Bin-Dicator® (diaphragms)

The original electromechanical point level switch, Bin-Dicator® diaphragm-type level controls were the first to enjoy general usage in the industry. Bin-Dicator® controls eliminate bin overflow, empty bins, clogged conveyors, choked elevators and resultant damage and waste.

Model “A” Bin-Dicator® for light, heavy or explosive materials.

Auto-Bin-Dicator® with a stainless steel diaphragm for exterior, side of bin mounting.

Bantam Bin-Dicator® for bins, hoppers and chutes of limited size.


Phase Tracker™

Bindicator's patented Phase Tracker technology is designed to solve the most challenging continuous level applications. Phase Tracker is ideal for the measurement of level of solids, liquids and slurries. Phase Tracker can accurately and reliably measure the level of bulk solids and powders during the fill cycle, regardless of dust or material variations in density or moisture. It is effective in foam, non-air vapor, fumes, abrasives and corrosives, as well as corrugated bins and tall, narrow silos.

A Phase Tracker system consists of a control unit and up to 24 sensors. The control unit is usually mounted in a central location and can be connected to external systems through a number of process connections including a telephone modem. The sensors are powered by the control unit and can be mounted up to 400’ (121.9m) from the control unit. The exact options installed on each control unit are selected to match the needs of the installation. The model of each sensor is selected based on the range of products that will be stored in the vessel. i-level™ Inventory Manager Software may be used with Phase Tracker systems to provide up to the minute, real time silo levels at a glance.

-LEVEL™ provides easy windows interface to view numerical and graphical data generated by Phase Tracker level systems. Data is updated in real-time as it is received from the control unit. With features such as trending, multi-system windows, and remote access via modem, i-LEVEL™ provides operators and managers with up-to-the-minute level and inventory information.



The Bindicator® Yo-Yo® is a reliable continuous weight and cable level measurement system designed especially for dry bulk materials. It’s an electromechanical sensor which is mounted on top of a vessel.

The new GP-4 Yo-Yo® Inventory Management System consists of the GP-4 Yo-Yo® Sensor and NEMA 4X Remote Display.

The Mark-4 Yo-Yo is a heavy duty inventory management system with analog capabilities.


Cap-Level® is an excellent choice for continuous level measurement. Cap-Level® uses the proven method of capacitance change to determine the level of product in the vessel. This translates into an accurate and dependable measurement device for your process. Simply stated, as the level of product in the vessel changes, the capacitance between the probe and the vessel wall also changes. The solid-state electronics of the Cap-Level® continually measures and compares this change to a very stable reference circuit, and provides accurate and dependable output signal (4-20 mA) proportional to the vessel contents.

The “industry standard” 4-20 mA output is provided with a selectable dampening function to stabilize readings where severe agitation is present. Simple zero and span adjustment make calibration easy. The probe configurations and materials offered allow you to custom fit Cap-Level® to your application.

Cap-Level II is a 4-wire transmitter with 120 or 240 VAC while the Cap-Level IIA is a 2-wire transmitter with 24VDC.